We exist to enable everyone to tap into the powerful tools of positive psychology, mindfulness and yoga.
We’re madly focussed on keeping prices down and programs practical so the M.A.D. tools are accessible and affordable for everyone.
We work hard to balance scientific insight and experience, consistency and variety, tradition and innovation across all our programs.

Our Purpose is to:

  • Share practical tools that are relevant to leaders, professionals, teachers and students to generate focus, equilibrium and resilience.

  • Empower participants to adapt the tools to their individual needs and the demands of their daily lives.

  • Emphasise safety and personal growth through carefully planned, well-structured and intelligent programs that drive enduring learning and real change.

  • Build a community where anyone can tap the awesome power of positive psychology, mindfulness and yoga regardless of age, disposition or financial status.

Our Customers are:

  • Leaders and Managers who want to purposefully engage and motivate teams to build a culture of collaboration, innovation, positivity and performance.
    Teams and Professionals who want to build resilience, foster creativity, solve problems and better focus their attention to cut through the noise of the hectic work day and be more effective and productive.

  • Educational Leaders and Teachers who want to engage colleagues and students more mindfully to facilitate a dynamic learning journey and positive culture.
    Students at School or University who want to build confidence, foster their powers of concentration, and more effectively self regulate to manage the pressures of exams, peers, study and life.

  • People in life who want to proactively foster a greater sense of health, wellbeing and balance and the ability to better cope with the pressures and stresses of life

Our Guiding Principles are:

  • Insight

    We leverage and distill key research and scientific findings and share our knowledge and experience in a way that resonates with each person as an individual.

  • Consistency

    We are committed to providing the support and tools to help you adapt and embed the practices that work best for you so you can materially improve your effectiveness.

  • Accessibility

    We are deeply passionate about making the tools of positive psychology, mindfulness and yoga accessible and digestible for everyone – we meet you on your terms, with language you understand and with techniques that resonate with your needs.

  • Progression

    Our Programs are based on a core curriculum and are fully flexible so you can tap the full spectrum of tools in a systematic way that maximises and measures the learning experience to benefit you at work, school and in life.

  • Potential

    We know within each and every one of us lies the seed of our true potential and we are dedicated to helping you tap into your personal power.

Our Team are:


  • Absolutely positively MAD about sharing the benefits of positive psychology, mindfulness and yoga.
  • In love with the power of the practice to cultivate positive growth.


  • Deeply experienced practitioners and qualified facilitators.
  • Dedicated to sharing the benefits of positive psychology, mindfulness and yoga and making it accessible to everyone.


  • Fully engaged in a process of exchanging knowledge and experience with our program participants and each other.
  • Eternal students continually learning and evolving on the manifold path that is life.

Our M.A.D. Creator

Katherine Mair

In creating M.A.D. Mindworks Katherine has drawn on her unique blend of experience in the corporate world, academia, mindfulness and yoga. The business has sprung from her passion for enabling people to learn in a safe environment where they experience consistency, build knowledge, see progression and ultimately are empowered to adapt techniques that materially benefits their physical and mental wellbeing at work, at school and in life.

Her work combines 17+ years experience in Management Consulting specialising in driving capability uplift with 9+ years teaching mindfulness and yoga along with extensive research experience in the world of academia.

Our Contact Information:

Where are we:

We service clients across Australia, New Zealand and the APAC Region with a network of world-class facilitators who bring M.A.D. Programs to you wherever you are. Our head-office is based in Sydney CBD on the North Shore.

Contact us:

Katherine Mair +61 402 444 240 contactus@madmindworks.com

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