Targeted tools refine attention to foster focus, clarity and greater effectiveness at work.
Workshops empower participants with tools to lead mindfully, build emotional intelligence, manage stress and build resilience.
Our approach is designed to embed techniques and enable people to better manage their attention, energy and focus.

The MAD Difference at Work




  • Workshop based programs build Mindful Leaders, Collaborative Teams, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience & Wellbeing.
  • Explore and apply proven practical tools to enhance effectiveness.
  • Shape a dynamic culture of engagement, positivity and productivity.
  • Program length, configuration and timing adapted to drive optimal outcomes for target groups.
  • Short regular sessions leverage and embed tools to better manage work pressures and cultivate focus, cut-through and attention.
  • Foster a positive mindset to build resilience and mental agility.
  • Facilitated at the desk or meeting room to easily slot into the busy work day with no change of clothes.
  • Can be run in conjunction with other M.A.D. programs and aligned with key organisational initiatives.
  • Traditional yoga classes to generate energy and balance the body and mind.
  • Re-energise after sitting at a desk, using technology or doing repetitive work tasks.
  • Regular class timing and length adapted to your work schedule (e.g. 40 minute class every week).
  • Suitable for all levels including beginners and adapted to the specific needs of the group.

All programs cater to variable group sizes, are adaptable in duration and leverage the appropriate M.A.D. format

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We service clients across Australia, New Zealand and the APAC Region with a network of world-class facilitators who bring M.A.D. Programs to you wherever you are. Our head-office is based in Sydney CBD on the North Shore.

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Katherine Mair +61 402 444 240

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