MOTIVATE to better manage stressors, foster resilience, sharpen focus, re-calibrate the body and balance the mind.
ACTIVATE your energy to build strength, foster vitality and mental alertness.
DIVE IN to your personal power with techniques to refine your attention, build your presence and unleash your potential.

Our curriculum is grounded in scientific research – choose the approach that best meets your needs

MOTIVATE – engage tools to better manage stressors, sharpen focus and re–calibrate to strengthen resilience and improve overall wellbeing.

  • Meditation decreases inflammation, the production of stress hormones like cortisol as well as the size of our amygdala (fear center in the brain) while activating the parasympathetic system (relaxation) and increasing the immune response (Dr. Francoise Adan 2014).
  • Practicing yoga increases levels of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain which facilitates relaxation and reduces anxiety (Streeter et al 2007 and 2010).
  • Yoga lifts mood, improves sleep, reduces fatigue and stress, lowers cholesterol, and raises quality of life (University of Maryland Review 2010).
  • Mindfulness and yoga help lower performance anxiety and significantly reduce the incidence of anger, depression, general anxiety and tension (Khalsa 2005 and 2009)

ACTIVATE – leverage tools to generate energy, foster vitality, build confidence and mental alertness to improve overall productivity and effectiveness.

  • Body language can shape mindset and expression with ‘power poses’ shown to lower cortisol (stress hormone) and improve testosterone (associated with confidence and assertiveness) (Cuddy 2012)
  • Elevation of the spine activates a bundle of nerves in the brain stem which increases alertness (Hanson 2009).
  • Yoga offers a gateway to a more active lifestyle for sedentary and obese individuals (Hainsworth et al 2014).
  • In a study of sedentary adults, yoga improved fatigue, self-esteem, and quality of life and decreased depression symptoms (Taspinar 2014).
  • Doing yoga helps elevated lower blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate and other cardiovascular risk factors (Dr Patrick Ang 2015).

DIVE IN – tap tools to focus the mind, refine and manage attention, build greater presence and foster connection to elevate impact and unleash your potential.

  • Mindfulness stimulates the right brain associated with lateral thinking, creativity and presence (Newberg 2001, 2007 and 2009).
  • Meditation increases frontal cortex grey matter associated with working memory and executive decision making (Lazar et al 2005).
  • Slow breathing increases oxygenation of the brain resulting in heightened awareness and calm alertness (Olivier and Machliss).
  • Regular yoga practice has a positive impact on concentration, cognitive development and academic performance (Peck et al 2009).
  • The practice of Yoga techniques enable participants to more proactively manage energy and mood (Robin 2009).

Our programs are custom designed to meet the needs of different environments and groups


    Refine attention and focus, elevate energy, and improve overall corporate wellbeing in the workplace. Programs easily fit into the busy work day and may incorporate workshops, urban retreats, ongoing sessions, and take away tools to embed critical skills and techniques.


    Help teachers manage work pressures and improve student engagement and enable students to build confidence, improve focus and more effectively self regulate. Programs easily fit into the tight school timetable and may incorporate workshops, retreats, ongoing sessions, and take away tools to embed core concepts and techniques.


    Whether it’s a one-off event or an ongoing journey of self-development, our workshops, tailored sessions and programs with be sure to hit the mark. Perfect for families, groups of friends, or special events.

M.A.D. Programs are consistent, engaging and highly experiential – we facilitate enduring learning

Each M.A.D. format offers a fundamentally different approach & outcome

  • MOTIVATE cultivates focus, equilibrium, resilience and wellbeing
  • ACTIVATE cultivates alertness, energy, vitality and productivity
  • DIVE IN cultivates attention, connection, presence and potential

Each M.A.D. experience enables organisations and participants to

  • Choose from our curriculum of workshops, classes and take away tools
  • Explore relevant tools, extensions and variations
  • Adapt techniques that are relevant to participant needs
  • Master techniques to apply in daily life

Each M.A.D. program is adapted to the specific needs of your organisation 

  • Build bespoke programs to suit your audience and budget
  • Leverage tools from the disciplines of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Yoga
  • Expand your repertoire of techniques to cultivate balance, resilience, productivity, confidence, attention, concentration and performance

Our approach to teaching:

Katherine Mair - owner of M.A.D. Wellbeing programs and workshops Sydney and Australia

Our facilitators each bring their own unique insights, experience and warmth to engaging, challenging and encouraging participants through a process of exploration, discovery and evolution.

While each facilitator infuses the experience with their own charm, experience and insight, our standardised curriculum ensures that every participant experiences the same consistent high quality experience based on the principals of careful planning,  a focus on outcomes, safety, engagement and personal growth.

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We service clients across Australia, New Zealand and the APAC Region with a network of world-class facilitators who bring M.A.D. Programs to you wherever you are. Our head-office is based in Sydney CBD on the North Shore.

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