1a How

“Fantastic, really productive, can’t wait to implement some of it!”

3 How

“Thank you for your leadership, gentle manner and wisdom which has allowed our group to come together.”

2 How

“Katherine’s style of teaching is extremely thoughtful and well structured. Katherine does not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach – she adapts her lesson plans to the needs of students.”

1 How

“It has been an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and challenge. Thank you for leading us all in this. Your gifts and talents are appreciated!”

2 What

“I have not been ill, even with a cold, for two years, and I am certain that the yoga practice is a key reason for that. I am stronger, have better posture, fewer aches and pains, and I am more present.”

1 What

“Our team participate in weekly 30 min wellbeing and mindfulness sessions ahead of our regular team meeting. Team members are reporting greater energy levels and focus and we have noticed an uplift in morale and team work”

3 (Why-2)

“Her experience and mastery of the craft is immediately evident – in the ease with which she communicates and her intuitive planning and preparation for each class”

2 (Why)

“Kath is a wonderful teacher who brings passion, commitment and experience to what she does”

Home 1

“Mind blowing – powerful, hit the heart of what we needed, life giving, healing. I love the madness!”