We provide programs, workshops, practice sessions and online support tools to help LEADERS, TEAMS, EDUCATORS and STUDENTS be more PRESENT, CONNECTED and EFFECTIVE

Who is M.A.D. for?

Craft a program or workshop to help your LEADERS, TEAMS, EDUCATORS or STUDENTS to be WELL, FOCUSED, RESILIENT, BOLD, CONNECTED and AGILE.

  • Corporate

    LEADERS who want to inspire and build a culture of connection, collaboration, positivity and performance.

    PROFESSIONALS and TEAMS who want to better manage stress and be more creative, innovative, focused and effective.

  • Education

    EDUCATIONAL LEADERS and TEACHERS who want tools to create a positive and constructive environment that supports learning and growth.

    STUDENTS who want to be more confident and capable in managing the pressures of exams, peers, study and life.

Be M.A.D.
MOTIVATE and find balance. ACTIVATE your personal power. DIVE IN to your potential.

Our clients are M.A.D. about us

Super excited to be rated No. 1 speaker at BILT 2019


Who We Work With

What We Do For Them:

Leadership Development:

  • Leadership development programs
  • Mindful leadership
  • Executive coaching

Team Development:

  • Team development programs
  • Team collaboration
  • Professional development
  • Personal effectiveness

Workshop Facilitation:

  • Leadership offsites
  • Team offsites
  • Idea generation, innovative thinking and problem solving

Yoga & Mindfulness:

  • Corporate Yoga
  • School Yoga
  • Mindfulness coaching
  • Wellbeing programs
  • Resilience training
  • Stress management

Our tools help you re-set, re-focus and cut through the noise

Our clients are M.A.D. about our tools because they’re practical like this one. They’re simple and can be easily incorporated into how we do what we do. They also love:

  • The 30 second trick which will help you become more present
  • The insanely simple exercise that can give you an instant mood boost
  • Make this tweak to your day and see just how much more you’ll get done

Strengthen Your Core to Support Your Spine
Many of us sit slumped in chairs for long periods of time. This gradually starts to weaken the core. When this happens, we also lose essential support to help the spine stay upright and in a healthy position.

“Mind blowing – powerful, hit the heart of what we needed, life giving, healing. I love the madness!”

Principal, Adelaide Based High School


Principal, Adelaide Based High School

“Mind blowing – powerful, hit the heart of what we needed, life giving, healing. I love the madness!”

The mind behind M.A.D.

Katherine Mair - owner of M.A.D. Wellbeing programs and workshops Sydney and Australia

Katherine Mair

With 19+ years as a Management Consultant specialising in building organisational, team and individual capability, Katherine brings expertise in a range of areas from critical thinking and problem solving to teamwork, collaboration and leadership. She has combined this expertise with her educational background in Psychology and almost 10 years as a Mindfulness & Yoga Instructor to build the unique and powerful suite of programs, workshops and classes that form the basis of the M.A.D. offering.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Economics with majors in Psychology & Management and over 450 hours of yoga and advanced mindfulness training.

She has extensive experience as a facilitator and coach helping people to apply the MINTO Pyramid Principles, Emotional Intelligence, DISC, GROW, and the tools of Positive Psychology, Yoga and Mindfulness to enable them to be their best.

Katherine is on the Committee of Management for the IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association), a preeminent yoga teacher training organisation globally that sets the standards for teaching in the industry.

Her passion for learning and sharing knowledge is a consistent theme underpinning all her life pursuits. It is grounded in the belief that through continual learning we can expand our mind, challenge our assumptions and continue to evolve at work, at school, and in life.

In her personal time, she is writing a Ph.D. Dissertation on Seventeenth Century Spanish Portraiture and loves hanging out with her daughter Misha.

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